The World Series of Poker started as an invitational tournament in 1970.

Jack Binnion invited the best seven poker players in America to his casino in Las Vegas to decide whom Americas best poker player was.

Johnny Moss won the 1970 WSOP title by actually being voted the best player by his playing companions.

Johnny Moss started playing poker at the age of ten and is one of the greatest poker players of all time.
He won 10 million dollars from the poker tables in the early 1950s, and gave it all back again to the craps tables

The 1971 World Series of poker was played as a freezout tournament, meaning one player had to win all the chips.
13 players participated and Johnny Moss won it this time fair and square with some brilliant poker play.

Amarillo Slim Preston won the World Series of poker championship event in 1972 and a total prize of 80.000 dollars.
He was not only an expert poker player, but also a great pool player.
He also won the 5000-dollar No Limit Hold�em event in 1974.

Walter Clyde Puggy Pearson won the 1973 WSOP main event, and could deposit 130.000 in to his account.
Puggy Pearson was known as one of the most aggressive poker players ever.
His favourite game was seven-card stud, but he would play any game, anywhere, against anyone for any amount of money.

Johnny Moss won 160.000 dollars and his third and last championship event in 1974.

Sailor Roberts won the 1975 main WSOP event and 210.000 dollars.
He is considered an expert in virtually any card game and had in his younger days the reputation as the best poker player in the south western states of America.

In 1976, Doyle Brunson won 220.000 and his first of 10 World Series of poker titles.

He won again in 1997 and could stuff 340.000 dollars in his sock drawer.
His winning hand was a full house, tens full of douses.
Unbelievably, but this was the exact same hand he won with the previous year.

Bobby Baldwin won his third WSOP title and 210,000 dollars in 1978 beating 37 other players. This was his first and only world series of poker main championship event win.
He played consistently great poker in the mid to late seventies and won both the deuce to seven-card draw and the seven-card stud title in 1977.

The 1979 main world series of poker event championship winner Hal Fowler was a true amateur and won 270,000 dollars and his only WSOP title against 53 other players.
He beat Bobby Hoff in a five-hour long heads up battle, catching an inside straight on the river.

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Johnny Moss Championship Event Voted Champion

Johnny Moss Championship Event $30,000

Amarillo Preston Championship Event $80,000
Bill Boyd Five-Card Stud $20,000

Puggy Pearson Championship Event $130,000
Sam Angel Seven-Card Razz $32,000
Aubrey Day Duece to Seven Draw $16,500
Puggy Pearson No Limit Hold'em $17,000
Puggy Pearson Seven-Card Stud $32,000
Jack Strauss Duece to Seven Draw $16,500

Johnny Moss Championship Event $160,000
Bill Boyd Five-Card Stud $40,000
Jimmy Casella Seven-Card Razz $25,000
Jimmy Casella Seven-Card Stud $41,225
Amarillo Preston No Limit Hold'em 11,100
Sailor Roberts Duece to Seven Draw $35,850

Sailor Roberts Championship Event $210,000
Sam Angel Seven-Card Razz $17,000
Billy Baxter Duece to Seven Draw $35,000
Jay Heimowitz No Limit Hold'em $32,000
Johnny Moss Seven-Card Stud $44,000

Doyle Brunson Championship Event $220,000
Howard Andrews No Limit Hold'em $28,000
Howard Andrews No Limit Hold'em $23,600
Doyle Brunson Duece to Seven Draw $80,250
Perry Green Ace to Five Draw $68,300
Doc Green Seven-Card Stud Split $12,750
Johnny Moss Seven-Card Stud $13,000
Walter Smiley Seven-Card Stud $35,000

Doyle Brunson Championship Event $340,000
Billy Allen Ace to Five Draw $10,800
Bobby Baldwin Duece to Seven Draw $80,000
Bobby Baldwin Seven-Card Stud $44,000
Bones Berland Seven-Card Razz $8,300
Doyle Brunson Seven-Card Stud Split $62,500
Perry Green Ace to Five Draw $10,000
George Huber No Limit Hold'em $33,000
Louis Hunsucker No Limit Hold'em $34,200
Jackie McDanielsWomen's 7-Card Stud $5,580
Fats Morgan Seven-Card Stud Split $10,800
Jeff Sandow Seven-Card Stud $11,400
Richard Schwarz.Seven-Card Razz. $25,000

Bobby Baldwin. Championship Event. $210,000
Billy Baxter Duece to Seven Draw $90,000
Bones Berland Seven-Card Razz $19,200
Bones Berland Seven-Card Stud $17,100
Doyle Brunson Seven-Card Stud $68,000
Aubrey Day No Limit Hold'em $42,600
Terry King Women's 7-Card Stud $10,080
Lakewood Louie Draw High $21,000
Hans Lund No Limit Hold'em $46,800
Chip Reese Seven-Card Stud Split $19,200
Henry Young Ace to Five Draw $19,200

Hal Fowler Championship Event $270,000
Bobby Baldwin Duece to Seven Draw $90,000
Bones Berland Seven-Card Stud $24,000
Bones Berland Seven-Card Stud Split $20,400
Starla Brodie Mixed Doubles $4,500
Doyle Brunson Mixed Doubles $4,500
Barbara Freer Women's 7-Card Stud $12,720
Perry Green No Limit Hold'em $76,500
Lakewood Louie Ace to Five Draw $22,200
Lakewood Louie Draw High $22,800
Sam MastrogiannisSeven-Card Razz $22,200
Johnny Moss Seven-Card Stud $48,000
Dewey Tomko No Limit Hold'em $48,000

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Check out the 2005 World Series of Poker results here!