Going on tilt at poker is a momentary emotional overreaction that varies in intensity where a player lose his ability to make rational decisions.

Most bad beats (losing a hand when you are the clear favorite to win) normally come at the expense of poor play by your opponents and a streak of bad luck from your side.

Bad beats happen on the internet just as they do in live casino poker. Poker is a game of incomplete information and players will outdraw you at times and you will outdraw them.
If you can't accept this fact, than poker is most likely not the game for you.

A player who should have folded his cards pre-flop or at the flop, but persists to pursue his hand to the river is bound to catch his card once in a while.

Bad beats are most often a result from bad plays and if you are rooting for your opponents to fold their hands when they are far behind and drawing slim than how do you expect to make money at this great game?

"Going on tilt at poker is like eating the hottest chili pepper. Stings like **** for a while and then you forget all about it."

Players that are successful at the game of poker, mostly makes their profit from the mistakes their opponents make, and not from their own brilliant play.

Encourage the bad beats. They are the key to a good players success.

Going on tilt at poker is natural and can happen to even the best players at times, but if you want to become a profitable player than you need to have some self control.

The instinctive, natural way to express frustration in poker is to respond aggressively by playing more marginal starting hands.

You will lose money when you make bad decisions and bad decisions will come much more frequently when playing poker on tilt.

A key part of the game of poker is to know when you are on tilt and then taking the correct action to prevent it from affecting your game in any way!


*Folding your next couple of hands and wait for cheap flops or premium hands before you continue to play.

*Moving to another Table. Sometimes it's our immediate surroundings that can make us go on tilt at poker.

*Taking some time away from the poker table, get yourself a drink, go for a walk and focus on something else.

*Thinking about all the bad beats you have laid on your opponents in the past.

*Playing straightforward solid poker and only get back into the game when you feel you have your emotions under control.

*Only playing with money you can afford to loose. To many players play for stakes that are to high for their bankroll.

*Using Humor. This can help you to minimize your frustrations in a number of ways and help you get a more balanced perspective of the game.

Identifying players who are on tilt during a game of poker is an excellent way to build up your bankroll and if you can't spot the tilters HERE, then you can't spot them anywhere!


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