The most exiting and intimate game ever created.

Strip poker is a great game with tons of possibilities, and the better your imagination is, the greater the game and the more fun you will have.

You may end up loosing your clothes, but not your wallet. Playing strip poker is an excellent way of getting to know your favourite person.

Draw poker is the most popular game used for strip poker, but any variant or poker game can be used.

You bet call or fold just like you would do in a normal game, but instead of using money, you use your own clothes as a stake.

There are some important rules in strip poker, and they have to be followed.

Only clothes that a player wears or have won in a previous round can be used.

Clothing that you loose must to stay off for the whole game.

Clothing that you win from your friend(s) cannot be worn, but can be used as table stakes.

The definition of clothing are normal day to day clothing items like; shoes, socks, long johns, under wear, pants, skirt, sweaters, jackets, scarf, tie and a belt.

Jewellery, contact lenses, glasses, wigs, and toupees cannot be used.

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