Understanding seven card stud rules , the values of the various combinatons of cards, procedures of the game and the seven card stud rules for betting limits is a must if you want to play a profitale game.

In Seven Card Stud all players will have to pay an ante before any cards are being dealt.

The size of the ante in Seven Card Stud is normally 10% of the minimum bet.

The game begins with each player at the table receiving three cards.

Two cards dealt face down and one card dealt face up.

There are five betting rounds and you get a total of seven cards.

Three of the cards are dealt face down and only for you to see.

Two cards in the first betting round and one in the last betting round.

The player with the lowest ranked hand starts the betting.

Positional strength is important in seven-card stud.

You will always have an advantage over players to your right side, but positional strength varies throughout the game.

The player with the lowest ranked hand is forced to� bring in� and getting the betting round started.

The player to the immediate left of the �bring in� will be last to act in that betting round (third street).

On fourth street and all the way to seventh street the player with the highest ranked table or up-hand will act first, so positional strength changes all the time according to the strength of each players table or up-cards.

Seven card stud is probably the most difficult off all poker games to master and most players are not that skilled at it.

"Seven Card Stud is a lot like sex. Most people think they are great at it after just a few rounds. The truth is that most people have no clue of what they're doing".

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