Satellite poker tournaments are crowded with players who will play any hand at any time, hoping to get lucky.

Sometimes they will, but most of the time they wont.

Many players love the limit satellite tournaments simply because they feel they can limp in with semi-good cards early on in the satellite poker tournament.
This is a big mistake.
What happens more often than not is that you end loosing to a better kicker or you are out drawn after having committed a lot of chips to the pot.

Focus on small goals early on in satellite poker tournaments.

You cannot win at this stage, but you can easily be short stacked and knocked out if you over bet your hands.

Give the table a chance to identify itself.

Try to get a read on the other players, and how they play each hand.

Your primary goal in satellite poker tournaments should be to get to the position where you are paid.

Be patient, take advantage of your position at the table, study other players betting patterns, rarely bluff and stay focused.

The best strategy is to play solid starting hands like AA-KK-QQ and AK early on in the satellite tournament.
Play these cards extremely aggressively and try to get all of your chips inn to the pot before the flop.

Going all in from early position is not always the best strategy when you are holding two aces.
You might find that everyone folds and the only chips you end up winning with big slick are the blinds.
Betting 40 to 50% of your chips from early position with this hand will very often give you at least one caller.
After the flop you will have to go all in with the rest of your chips, regardless of what your opponent does or what the flop looks like.

You can call from late position with any hand better than 88, if there has been no raise in front of you. (See the page on Texas Holdem Strategies for hand ranking).

Limit satellite tournaments does not really get started before the 50/100 level, and by than you should have a decent read on your opponents.

No limit satellite tournaments will normally get down to 5 -6 players within 15 minutes of the game.

I would focus most of my time on no limit satellite poker tournaments. The reason for this is simply that you can always raise your good hands to a point where it will be unprofitable for the other players to chase with a drawing hand.
You also have more flexibility for bluffing.

Play solid starting hands, calculate your odds and outs after the flop, and do not be afraid to raise when you hit the flop.

It is always best in satellite poker tournament to be the first one going all in with a hand.
Most players feel that they need a strong hand to call an all in bet with, so if you are getting low in chips, than going all in with a decent hand is a good strategy.

Practicing on a Turbo Tournament Poker software program in combination with reading a book like Championship Satellite Strategy is highly recommended if you are serious of becomming a great satellite tournament player.

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