A proposition or prop poker player works for and gets paid by a poker room. He plays with his own bankroll, has no advantages over the other players and are treated like regular players for bonuses, promotions and rake contributions.

The online poker rooms that hires prop poker players are usually new and small poker rooms. A prop players main job is to greet new players through the chat box, get new games started, monitoring table chat and making sure that games do not die out prematurely.

Most Online poker rooms that hires prop players require a minimum of 500 raked hands played per week. Minimum session time is normally 2 hours and all poker rooms reserve the right to change the number of raked hands at any time.

The majority of poker props plays in 2/4 and 3/6 games and earns about $300 to $600 a week depending on how many hours they play.

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Prop poker players get paid in different ways.

Some poker rooms will pay 100% of the players contribution to the rake back. In a ten handed game where the full rake is $3, a prop player would get $0.30 back for that hand. Others will pay a flat fee per hour, which can vary from $7 to $30 per hour, depending on the limits each prop player plays in.

Propping in poker is not a job for a medium skilled player and it is not recommend for anyone that is not already a profitable player. You also need tons of patience and a decent bankroll that will allow you to survive the inevitable bad streaks.

The most popular poker rooms online do not use prop poker players for several reasons.
Firstly, they all want to make sure their players feel absolutely sure that their site is free of cheating and collusion.
Secondly, the most popular poker rooms online don't have to hire poker props to get games going, simply because there are plenty of players playing on these sites 24/7.

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