The game of poker has in many ways it's own language. Poker terminology explained in a simple way. Poker glossary definitions for all poker games.

ACE. Highest card in poker.

ACTION. Make a bet.

ANTE. Chips placed on the table by all players before the cards have been dealt.

BICYCLE. A-2-3-4-5. Also called a wheel.

BLIND. A forced bet by the to players to the dealers immediate left side.

BLUFFING. Betting hard on a lousy hand.

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BUG. Wild card or a joker

BUTTON. Imaginary dealer.

BUY IN. Exchanging chips for money in a casino or the cost of entering a game.

CALL. To see a bet.

CHECK. Staying in the game without folding or betting.

CHECK- RAISE. First checking and than raising your hand after someone bets.

COMMUNITY CARDS. Cards used by all players.

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DEUCE. Poker terminology slang for a 2.

DRAW. Exchanging cards in draw poker.

DRAW POKER. Poker game.

FACE DOWN. Picture side laying down against the table.

FLOP. Three first cards being dealt by the dealer for everyone to use.

FLUSH. All cards in the same suit.

FOLD. Throwing your cards away. Getting out of the game.

FOUR OF A KIND. Four cards of identical value.

FULL HOUSE. Three cards of identical value, with two cards of identical value.

HAND ODDS. The probability of making a specific hand in poker.

HOLE CARD. Unknown value to the other players.

JOKER. Wild card.53 card in a deck.

LIMIT POKER. Predetermined table stakes.

LOW POKER. Lowest hand wins. A-2-3-4-5.

MISDEAL. Poker terminology for an illegal or/and invalid deal.

NO LIMIT. Bet any amount of chips you have on the table.

OPENER. First player to act, or the size of the bet.

PASS. Not betting, but still playing the hand.

PAT HAND. Not making a draw in draw poker.

POKER ODDS The chance of catching any hand combined with the odds the pot is giving you.

POT. All the money placed in the middle of the table during betting rounds.

POT ODDS. The a ratio between the size of the pot compared to how much it will cost you to call a bet.

POT LIMIT. Predetermined limit for betting or raising.

RAISE. Increase a previous bet made by another player.

RE RAISE. Raising a player who raised in front of you.

RAKE.Money taken out of the pot by the casino for arranging the game.

ROYAL FLUSH. A-K-Q-J-10 in the same suit.

SHOWDOWN. Everyone still in the game showing their hands.

STAND PAT. Poker terminology for not making a draw in draw poker.

STRAIGHT. 2-3-4-5-6 in different suits.

STRAIGHT FLUSH. 2-3-4-5-6 . All cards in the same suit.

TABLE STAKES. Only bet with money you have on the table.

TRIPS. Three of a Kind.

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WILD CARD. Joker. Any card you want it to be.

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