Here is a list of my personal favorite poker hand names.

There are a bunch of poker hand names for different hands in poker and especially for Texas Holdem starting hands.

I have included an explanation for some of the poker hand names.


Aces Up: A pair of Aces with any other pair.

Ajax: Ace-Jack.

Bull: An Ace.

Big Slick: Ace-King.

Chevrolet: 5-7. The 57 Chevy.

Cowboys: KK.

Crabs: 3-3.

Dead Man�s hand: A-A-8-8. Bill Hitckok was shot and killed holding this hand.

Doyle Brunson: 10-2. He won the World Series of Poker with it twice in a row (1976 and 1977).

Dolly Parton: 9-5. Her well known movie "9 to 5".

Fido: King-Nine.

Flat Tire: J-4. 'What's a jack for?'.

Four Wheel Drive: 4-4.

Fishooks: A pair of jacks.

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Forty Miles: Four Tens.

Grand Jury: 4-4-4.

Jay Birds: Two Jacks.

Kojak: King-Jack.

Ladies: Queens.

Marriage: King-Queen suited.

Mixed Marriage: King-Queen offsuit.

Motown: Jacks and fives.

Pair in the hole: Pocket pair.

Rockets, Bullets, American Airlines, Snake Eyes: Ace-Ace.

Royal Wedding: King-Queen.

Route 66: 66.

Siegfried and Roy: A pair of Queens.

Snowmen, Doggie Balls: A pair of eights.

Steel Wheel: A-2-3-4-5 suited.

Sunset Strip: 77.

The Beast: Three sixes.

The Dahmer hand: J-8. He ate Jack.

Thirty Miles: Three tens.

Wayne Gretzky: 9-9.

The best way to learn all the poker hand names and to become successful at poker is to read a few quality poker books.

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