Good poker etiquette will make you a popular poker player. Other players will applaud your successes and commiserate with you in your failures. All poker players, but especially the more experienced ones, should provide an example of good poker etiquette for others to emulate.


Bad poker manners result in an atmosphere of hostility, so it should be in every player's self-interest to develop good poker courtesy.

Every poker rooms intent is to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for the players while they are playing and they expect players to abide by certain rules of poker courtesy.

Violation of poker etiquette rules may lead to the player being permanently banned from the casino or closure of his account when playing online.

The normal courtesies for traditional cardroom poker are also expected in the Internet cardrooms and you should ALWAYS:

* Be curtious to other players.

* Keep your cards and chips on the table during play.

* Make decisions in a timely manner and keep pace with the play of the game.

* Pay attention to the action at the table when you are in the game.

* Keep your food and drinks off the table.

* Speak English only in englisg speaking cardrooms (countries).

* Report cheating to the casino management, if you suspect so.

* Understand the rules of the game before you sit down to play.

* Be polite to the Dealer (and tip him/her once in a while).

And you should NEVER:

* Deliberately splash your chips into the pot.

* Talk about your hand until the game is over.

* Swear at the table.

* Agree with someone to check a hand out when another player is all-in.

* Keep your cell phone on at the table.

* Remove chips from the table to your pockets.

* Damage any cards.

* Act out of turn.

Never critize a poker player unless you have walked a mile in his shoes. If you follow this poker etiquette tip, than you will be a mile away when you critize him, and you will have his shoes.

Good poker etiquette will make you a popular poker player at any poker room!

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