Performing poker chip tricks during the play of a poker game is a great way to keep you from loosing your concentration and patience. It can also build a table image for yourself, as well as give you an idea of who to be more cautious around.

When a player is shuffling 16 chips simontanously, than there is a pretty good chance that he has some experience at live poker games.

"My favorite chip trick is to make everyones stack disappear".

Poker chip tricks can for some players be annoying but are the unfortunate byproduct of sitting at poker table waiting for quality starting hands.

Learnig poker chip tricks are a lot like learning juggling tricks. They both require a type of "muscle memory". At first it will seem impossible to learn, but with time, it will be as natural as walking.

The most popular poker chip trick of them all is the shuffle chip trick.

The best way to perform the shuffle chip trick is to have your thumb on the left side of one stack, your index finger right between the two stacks and your ring and pinky finger on the right side of the other stack. Then you just lift the chips up with your index finger and let them combine together on the way down using gravity.

It will take some practice to do the shuffle chip trick well, but you will eventually get the hang of it. Start off with two stacks of four chips total and practice until you can do those perfectly. Keep adding more chips every day and the next thing you know, you'll have a whole set of chip tricks to amaze your friends and opponents with.

The best way to success at poker is to read a few quality poker books and practice on a Turbo software program.

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