Texas Holdem is one of the most popular poker card games played today and was first played in Robstown - Texas, in the early 1900s.

Texas Hold'em is a poker game of incomplete information, so the earlier you have to enter the pot in a round the less information you have on the other player�s cards.

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The poker card game of Omaha is almost identical to Texas Hold'em except that you will be dealt four pocket cards instead of two. You can only use two of these cards in combination with three of the communety cards to create your final hand.

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Seven�Card Stud is a poker card game of live cards. You are getting information in each betting round of which cards that are no longer alive or obtainable.

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A great Draw poker player will understand and apply certain rules and strategies to each hand that he chooses to play. He will know his chances of winning both before and after the draw by knowing the value of his own hand and the odds against improving it.
See also Draw Poker Rules.

Other poker card games that are increasing in popularity are Razz, Pineapple and Lowball poker.

Razz Poker poker plays like seven card stud, except that the lowest hand wins the pot.

Pineapple Poker poker plays almost the same as Texas Holdem. The only difference is that all the players gets three pocket cards, instead of two, before the first betting round.

The most popular types of Lowball Poker games are California Lowball (ace-to-five lowball) and the Kansas City lowball poker game.(deuce-to-seven lowball)

Heads Up Poker requires a different strategy than playing on a full table. The skill involved in heads up poker card games is to know when to push and when to hold, when to raise and when to fold.

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