Strategies and Tips

Your primary goal in poker tournaments, should be to get to the final table or at least to the position where you get paid.

Play a fairly tight and conservative game early on, and let the other players knock each other out.

Be patient, take advantage of your position at the table, study other players betting patterns, rarely bluff and stay focused.

4 men playing poker

Focus on small goals early on.

You cannot win poker tournaments at this stage, but you can easily be short stacked or knocked out if you over bet your hands.

Give the table a chance to identify itself.

Try to get a read on the other players and how they play each hand.

Online poker tournaments are crowded with players who will play any hand at any time, hoping to get lucky.

Sometimes they will, but most of the time they wont.

Many players love the limit poker tournaments simply because they feel they can limp in with semi-good cards early on in the tournament.

That�s probably true, but a wrong strategy regardless.

What happens more often than not is that you end loosing to a better kicker or you get out drawn after having committed a lot of chips to the pot.

The best strategy is to play only solid starting hands .

Limit poker tournaments does not really get started before the 50/100 level, and by than you should have a fairly decent read on your opponents.

Successful poker tournament players focus most of their time on no limit tournaments.

The reason for this is simply that they can always raise their good hands to a point where it will be unprofitable for the other players to chase with a drawing hand.

They also have more flexibility for bluffing.

Play solid starting hands, calculate your odds and outs after the flop, and do not be afraid to raise when you hit the flop.

Playing correct starting hands combined with proper positional play is very important if you want to reach the final table.

Stick to a game plan and raise the pot if you are the first one to bet.

Give the other players an impression that you are a tight but aggressive player.

Do not steal blinds early on in tournament poker.

You do not want to give the other players at the table an impression that you are a blind stealer.

This strategy opens up for a loser game on your side later on when the blinds have increased, and you might need to win blinds to stay in the poker tournament.

The other players will than have the impression that you only play solid cards every time you enter the pot.

Try to avoid huge confrontations at early stages of tournaments.

Many successful poker tournament players prefer to keep the the pots small before the flop, and build them up when they catch some good cards.

Do not worry if you only have an average or below average chip stack midway through the tournament.

One good hand can double your chip stack in a hurry.

It is all about staying patient, and waiting for that hand.

Continue to play tight and when you catch a great flop you will often win big pots against loose players with average hands.

Bluffing and blind steeling is a very important skill to master at the later stages of poker tournaments.

You should have been able to identify the weaker players at the table buy now.

Use this knowledge to your advantage and time your bluffs at the players who won't defend their blinds.

A priest became quite enamored with a weekly poker tournament.

Every week he played.

Every week, he failed to win or end up in the money.

He became depressed.

He started losing faith.

Finally, after yet one more failed poker tournament, he screamed out in desperation...

"Lord, why are you doing this to me. PLEASE, let me win or atleast let me place in the money."

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the walls of the house shook. A bright light shone down as if the sun was in the room. And a booming voice from high above said...

"Please -- give me a chance. Read a poker book."

Don't expect help from above in a poker tournament if you don't know what your doing.

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