Understanding the poker rules of each individual game, the values of the various combinations of cards, procedures of the game and basic rules for betting limits is a must if you want to play profitable poker.

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Seven Stud
Draw Poker


He controls that all the antes and blinds have been put out on the table prior to the cards being dealt.

The dealer shuffles the cards and the player to the dealer�s right side cuts the cards.

The cards are dealt one card at the time to each player at the table.

During the game, the dealer controls that each player acts in his turn, and that he pays the correct amount of chips when he calls, bets or raise the pot.

In ring games, a maximum of four bets, which includes one bet and three raises are allowed for each betting round.

The final raise in a round is called the "capp" and no one can make another raise. The only option for the other player's at the table will be to call or fold.

Only the chips in play at the beginning of each hand may be used throughout the hand. A player cannot add additional chips during the play of a hand.

"All-in" means that a player cannot be forced to leave the table during the play of a hand if the player does not have enough chips to call a bet.
This player will only be entitle to the portion of the pot where he made his final wager.
A side pot will be created for the other remaining players, and the player who is declared all in has no access to this pot.

A player who has been dealt to many cards must notify the dealer before picking up his cards.
The dealer will than remove the last card dealt from his hand, and the player can play that hand.
The player must sit out the hand if he picks up his cards before realizing the error made.

Online poker requires way less understanding of the poker rules and etiquettes than live casino poker.
The reason being that the software program of each poker room takes care of the shuffeling of the deck, antes and blinds being put out, dealing of the cards and that each player acts in his turn.

Cards being exposed during the deal must be claimed invalid, and must be thrown in the muck pile.

There must be a re-deal if two or more cards have been exposed during the deal.

The dealer must be notified right away if a player has been dealt to few cards.
The player will get the extra card missing without having to sit out the game.
If there are not enough cards in the deck for all the players after the draw, than the last cards in the deck will be placed at the middle of the table for everyone to use(community cards).

This can happen in stud and draw poker when a lot of players stays in the game to the bitter end.

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