Stue Unger a poker celebrity in his own rights was the greatest gin rummy and freeze out tournament player of all time. Stue Unger won nearly half the tournaments he played in and won the WSOP championship in 1980. 1981 and 1997. Watching him play was a thing of beauty and very entertaining. He started of his card-playing career as a gin rummy player, but had to take up poker because no one was willing to play against him for money. He was simply unbeatable.

He also won the 10.000-dollar Amarillo Slim Superbowl of Poker three times. Stue Ungar died in 1998, 42 years old. He would have been the best-known poker player ever if he had he still been alive. To bad, he could not overcome his cocaine addiction that in the end took his life.

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JUAN CARLOS MORTENSEN was born in Ambato, Ecuador, on April 13, 1972. His mother is Spanish and his father is Danish, He moved to Madrid, Spain in 1987.
He is one of the most aggressive players on the professional circuit, and the strength of his game is to read the playing styles of his opponents.
Carlos Mortensens played in his first World Series of Poker in 1999 and outlasted half the field. He played in the 2000 WSOP finished 69th out of a field of 512.
He played in the $3,000 no-limit hold�em tournament that same year and against 301 players, ended up seventh, winning $22,575.
He started 2001 off with winning the L.A. Poker Classic and $116,772.
He also won $44,550, and a $10,000 seat to the final event of the World Series Of Poker at The Shooting Star.
He won the 2001 World Series Of Poker and $1.5 million.
Came fourth in the $1,500 no-limit hold�em event at the 2002 WSOP, winning $40,940.
This Spanish poker celebrity also won the $5,000 limit hold�em tournament and his second WSOP bracelet in 2003.
Placed fourth at the 2003 Borgata OpenWorld Poker Tour final in Atlantic City and won $70,500.
If you think his live tournament statistics are impressive, than you should hold on to your hat.
He won the $200+15 Sunday tournament one week on Pokerstars for $91,000 and then the $500+30 the next week for $142,000 and capped it of with a horrible 17th place a few days later for a meagre $3,500.

By the way, Carlos Mortensens name at Poker Stars is JacquesXXX (from Madrid).

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DOYLE BRUNSON is 71 years old and has been playing poker for more than fifty years. He is the best-known poker celebrity alive to day and has won nine WSOP titles. His titles include two main championship events in 1976 and again in 1997. He won both times with the exact same hand. A full house with tens full of deuces His book, Super/System , was the first true poker book ever written and is still very popular.

PHIL HELMUTH is probably the most famous poker celebrity to day. He is well known for both his superb poker skills and his bad temper at the poker table. He has also written a book which has become very popular amongst new players to the game. Phil Helmuth was the all time WSOP money winner until the 2004 WSOP and he has won nine WSOP titles, including one Texas Holdem main event title.

DAN HARRINGTON is one of the all time money winners on the professional tour and is probably the most respected poker celebrity and poker tournament player to day. He won in 1995 both the European poker championship and the World Series of Poker. His conservative, tight aggressive game is perfectly suited for tournament play, which he showed at the 2003 and 2004 WSOP. This poker celebrity was the only player reaching the final table both years, finishing third in 2003 and fifth in 2004.

SAM FAHRA with his unlit cigarette is one of the coolest poker celebrities you will ever find in a casino. He placed second to Chris Moneymaker in the 2003 WSOP. and is well known for his loose and aggressive playing style. He plays a lot hands and is not afraid of attacking any player for any amount of chips. He has a relentless and unforgiving demeanour, and is a delight to watch playing poker.

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CHRIS FERGUSON is easily recognisable in any poker room by his long hair, goat tee and always it seems wearing sunglasses and a hat. He won the 2000 WSOP by beating T J Clothier. Chris Ferguson went all in with A-9 and T J Clothier called with A-Q. The flop showed 2-4-K and Clothier was at this point the new WSOP champion. At the turn another king showed up, and Clothier was stil the champ. Only a nine could save this poker celebrity, and you guessed it, a nine shoved up on the river.

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