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DEAD MAN'S HAND. Holding Two black Aces and the two black Eights in a poker game has been known for more than a century as the Dead Man's Hand in poker.

DOGS PLAYING POKER is one the most coppied paintings ever, and you can find them appearing on postcards, calenders, posters, neckties, computer games, playing cards, wallpapers and much more.

INTERNET POKER. His palms are sweaty and his heart is racing, but he smiles when he sees his cards. Poker in cyberspace is perfect for anyone not having a poker face.

POKER IN LAS VEGAS. Poker is the most popular gambling game in Las Vegas and the game will never feel the same to you once you dip your toes in a Las Vegas poker room.

MY FAVOURITE POKER HAND NAMES. There are a bunch of poker hand names for different hands in poker and especially for Texas Holdem starting hands.

HOW TO WIN AT POKER. The game of poker has been gaining popularity lately that many people are looking for tips and secrets of the pros that will help them play a better game.

The best way to learn the game of poker is to read a few quality poker books, getting a Turbo poker software program to practice on and download online poker sites that has both free and real money poker games.