There are several online poker sites on the internet where you can play free poker for fun, but only a handfull of these sites will give you the opportunety of winning real money by playing free poker games.

Downloading free poker games is an excellent way of getting to know the software of each poker site you decide to play on, but playing free poker for fun, with no monetary risk is a completely different experience than playing in real money games.

Free poker games with play chips are much looser games and lots of players will call or raise with basically any hand, so take these types of games with a grain of salt.
This is not the way poker is being played in the real poker world, even though low limit money games can also be fairly wild and loose.

Free poker games (mostly tournaments) that offers real cash are much more fun to play in and gives you a more realistic experience of the real game.

Poker is meant to be played for real money.

Absolute Poker offers daily 500-dollar freeroll tournaments at no cost to you.
The game is no limit Texas Hold�em, price pool is 500 dollars and it starts every day
at 2:30 PM ET.
You can also win a seat for free at the 2005 World Series of Poker by placing in the top 100 of Absolute poker tournament league.
7500-dollar play "free poker for fun" tournaments are hosted a couple of times each month. To be eligible to play in these you have to play a total of 400-699 raked hands in ring games.

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