Pineapple poker plays almost the same as Texas Holdem.

The only difference is that all the players gets three pocket cards, instead of two, before the first betting round.
One of these cards must be discarded after the first betting round is over and prior to the Flop cards being dealt.

There are four maximum numbers of bets per player during a betting round in Pineapple poker.

Each player at the table can bet, raise, and re-raise the pot.
The fourth bet will be capped. This means that the players who are still in the game will only have the option of calling or folding their hand.

There are no betting caps in Pot Limit and No Limit Pineapple games.

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I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work at my poker game, the more I have of it."

The average winning hands will normaly be better than the winning hands in Texas Hold Em.

A great strategy is to tighten up a little on your starting hands, and only play hands like A-A , K-K and Q-Q.

Hands where all three of your pocket cards work together like A-K-Q and Q-J-10 are also great starting hands.

Always raise pre-flop with strong hands.

Drawing hands are more valuable in Pineapple poker than in Texas Hold'em.

The majority of winning hands tends to be straights, but never break a made hand for a drawing hand, unless you are sure that you are behind and that a draw will give you more outs to win than the hand you hold.