The Poker Brat

Phil Hellmuth, 41, is one of the all time best poker players with 9 World Series of Poker championships under his belt.

The "poker brat" was born (64) in Madison, Wisconsin and first began playing poker in college at age 18.

Phil Hellmuth, poker brat Phil Hellmuth then went on to win his first WSOP championship only 3 years later, making him the youngest WSOP main event winner (Texas Holdem) ever.

He has reached 17 final tables in the WSOP and has placed in the money 35 times. Five of his Wsop championships are no limit holdem events, three limit holdem events and one pot limit holdem event.

He has a reputation of having a bad temper and for whining and complaining a lot at the poker table, but after the amount of bad beats and suck outs handed to him, who can't really blame him.

Phil Hellmuth has really embraced being the "bad boy of poker", but without the acting, the "poker brat" is most definitely one of the most exiting and entertaining poker player to watch to day.

Phil Hellmuth has a tremendous ability to read the other players at the table and you will rarely see, "the bad boy of poker", go-all in with the second best hand. He folds his cards when he feels he is beat and plays them strong when he feels he has the upper hand.

Beside from being a professional poker player, Phil Helmuth is also a spokesman for Ultimate Bet and has written a very popular book called,"Play Poker Like the Pros".

You can play , chat or only watch "the poker brat" at UltimateBet. His screen name is "PhilHellmuth".

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