The Asian game of Pan Poker (short for Panguingue poker) has recently caught popularity in the rest of the world due to the game being introduced to all the online gamblers.

The main goal of Pan poker is to be the first to meld all 11 cards in a hand. The first player to do this will collect the value of all his conditions, plus two chips from each player and the pot.

There are 8 decks of cards used in Panguingue poker and all the eights, nines, tens and one deck with all the spades are removed.

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There are a total of 310 playing cards and the cards are ranked with the king being the highest card in the deck and the ace the lowest. K, Q, J, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A.

The game beginns with each player at the table posting a bet. Each player will than be dealt 10 cards each. The players will after looking at theire hands have the option of playing or folding the hand.

The players that remain in the game will draw and discard one card on each turn. The cards are drawn from the top of the remaining deck or the discard pile.

Before discarding a card, a player can meld as many sets as he holds or add to his existing melds.

There are different types of melds that can be made and each meld must consist of a minimum of three cards to a maximum of eleven cards.

ROPES are straight flushes consisting of a minimum of three cards.

SQUARES are cards with the same value(4-4-4) in different or matching suits. Kings and aces can come in any suit to form a meld.

CONDITION melds are when a player during the game collects chips from every other player at the table. The conditions are:

Three unsuited valle cards of the same value(3-3-3) wins one chip from each player at the table. Every 3, 5, and 7 are valle cards.

Three suited valle cards wins 2 chips or 4 chips if all the cards are spades.

Three suited non-valle cards wins 1 chip or 2 chips if the suit is spades.

A meld starting with an Ace and/or ending with a King, ( A-2-3) or (J-Q-K), wins 1 chip or 2 chips if the suit is spades.

Mastering the rules and strategies of Pan poker requires a bit of studying and practice.

You can practice and play Pan poker for free or for real cash here.