Overall poker strategy is simply a set of actions that enables a player to achieve positive results.

The secret of an overall poker strategy is to do many things well - not just a few.

Maximizing your wins and minimizing your losses should be the ultimate outcome of a poker strategy.

"The more I practice, the luckier I get."

When planing a strategy you should ask yourself:

What level is my game at now?
What level do I want to take my game to?
How am I going to get there?
What types of games should I play in?
What is sufficient capital (bankroll) for those games.
How can I beat those games?

Below are some poker strategy articles that might give your game a boost.

TABLE SELECTION. The most important skill in online poker.

POKER ODDS. The chance of catching any hand combined with the odds the pot is giving you.

BLUFFING. Betting with a hand that "you think" is not the best hand at the moment.

TELLS. How a player acts during the play of a hand.

CHECK-RAISING. Checking your hand with the intention of raising the pot when the action comes back to you.

PLAYING ACE-KING. Everyone who plays Texas Holdem knows that Ace-King is one of the very best starting hands. But, it is just that, a starting hand.

TEXAS HOLDEM PRE-FLOP STRATEGY. A carefully thought out pre-flop strategy is essential if you are to win at Texas holdem poker.

PLAYING THE RIVER IN TEXAS HOLD'EM. Sometimes the best move a participant can make on the river is to collapse.

A highly recommended way to learn the game of poker is to read a few quality poker books and to download online poker sites that offers free poker games.

Developing an overall poker strategy means dealing with uncertainty. If you knew, before you sat down to play, the exact set of moves needed to win every poker game, than planing a strategy would be a waste of time.

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Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will.

Thus, then, in Strategy everything is very simple, but not on that account very easy.
Carl Von Clauswitz.