The game of Omaha poker is almost identical to Texas Hold'em except that you will be dealt four pocket cards instead of two.

Omaha Rules

You can only use two of these cards in combination with three of the communety cards.

Playing Omaha poker against a simulation prorgram like Turbo Omaha from Wilson is a great method of improving your game.

This progam let you create any condition of play like; betting limits, tight or loose players, analysis of starting hands and lots more.

The best starting hand is A-A-K-K with both aces being suited to both the kings.

Any hand in containing a pair of aces with another pair should be raised or re-raised pre-flop regardless of your position at the table.

These hands gets even more valuable if both the aces are suited with the other pair.

A pair of aces is still a very strong hand even if it is not accompanied by another pair.

Hands like; A-A-K-Q, A-A-K-J, A-A-Q-J, A-A-K-10 and A-A-Q-10 are very strong hands, and gets even stronger if two of the cards are suited with each other.

These types of hands should also be raised or re-raised preflop.

Winner's Guide to Omaha Poker by Ken Warren is a great book for beginner and intermediate Omaha poker players.

This book will teach you how to play draws and made hands, computing pot odds, evaluating correct starting hands and lots more.

In Texas Holdem pocket kings and queens are great starting hands and it is the same with Omaha poker.

Hands like; K-K-Q-Q, K-K-J-J, K-K-10-10, Q-Q-J-J, and Q-Q-10-10 should all be played fairly aggressively.

All the hands mentioned above gets even better when they are connected by flushes on both ends.

A wheel combination of all these hands like
A-K-Q-J-10 is also a solid starting hand, but the best wheel hand of them all is J-10-9-8-7.

This hand can make tons of straights by integrating with higher cards like A-K-Q and lower hands like 4-5-6.

The only problem with this hand is that it doesn�t make the nut high straight to often.

Hands you should avoid playing are small wheel hands like 2-3-4-5, small pocket pairs like
4-4-3-3 ,straight chasing hands like K-Q-5-6 and basically everything in between.

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