Omaha hi lo rules are exactly like Omaha except that the highest and the lowest hands share the pot.
Omaha Rules

For the low hand to qualify in hi lo Omaha play, it must consist of 5 different cards with a lower value than a 9.

A-2-4-5-7-9-K will qualify to win the pot, but A-2-3-3-4-9-10 will not.

The lowest possible hand is; A-2-3-4-5.
The second lowest is A-2-3-4-6 and the third lowest will be A-2-3-5-6.

It is possible to have more than one low hand winner.

If there is no qualifying low hand than the highest hand takes the whole pot.

The best possible starting hands in Omaha hi lo are: A-A-2-3, A-A-2-any, A-A-3-any, A-2-3-4,
A-2-3-any, A-2-K-K, A-2-Q-Q, A-3-4-5,
A-A-4-5, A-2-Q-K, A-2-K-J, A-3-K-K,
A-3-4-any, 2-3-4-5, J-Q-K-A, 10-J-Q-K,
J-Q-K-K, 9-10-J-Q, 2-3-4-any.

"You can say you'r a better poker player than me. I don't really care, as long as I win your money."

It is possible to have more than one low hand winner in Omaha hi lo poker, so the name of the game is to only play starting hands that can scoop (win both halves of the pot) the whole pot.

You should never chase halve the pot and do not draw to any low that is not the nuts.

Low limit Omaha hi lo games have so many players seeing the flop, that you will most of the time need the nut low to get halve the pot, and expect to get quartered about 1/3 the time.

Don't fall in love with dry aces (A-A-6-9)) in hi lo Omaha play. This is not a strong hand unless it is double suited, and it will most of the time need to catch a full house to win.

Decision makings after the flop in Omaha hi lo are fairly easy. Keep on playing if you have the nuts, or if you are drawing to the nuts. If not, fold your hand.

Always make sure the side cards are strongly related when playing big pairs like A-A, K-K and Q-Q.

Be careful playing hands like 2-3-5-9, and dry A-2 hands like A-2-7-9.

Omaha hi/lo pocket cards that are very underrated by low limit player's are; A-K-Q-J, K-Q-J-10, Q-J-10-9 and K-J-10-9. These are typical scooping hands in Omaha hi lo and will often catch a powerful rap straight draw, a full boat or even an ace high flush draw.

The best hi lo Omaha strategy is to find a loose game where at least 50% of the players sees the flop.

Adjust to the right level of aggressiveness, and get as many of your chips as possible in the middle of the table, when you catch a flop that has a potential of scooping the whole pot.

Play only quality starting hands. Omaha hi lo poker hands are further apart in value than any other poker game, so you will not be able to outplay other players after the flop. Bluffing rarely happens in hi lo Omaha play so trying to steal a pot will only hurt your bank-roll.

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