Let-it-Ride poker was designed by Shuffle Master Gaming and was first introduced in the early nineties to the public by the casinos in Nevada. The game is easy to understand and has become one of the most popular games played, both online and in the casinos.

Let-it-Ride poker plays almost like Five Card Stud Poker. The only exception is that you are not playing against other players, but against the casinos paytable.


Royal flush pay 1000 to 1.
Straight flush pay 200 to 1.
Four of a kind pay 50 to 1.
Full house pay 11 to 1.
Flush pay 8 to 1.
Straight pay 5 to 1.
Three of a kind pay 3 to 1.
Two pair pay 2 to 1.
Pair of 10s or better pay 1 to 1.

Let-it-Ride Poker is played on a table similar to a Blackjack table and the strategy is to create a five card hand which is equal or higher in value than a pair of tens.

The game starts by placing three mandatory bets in a betting cicle on the table, Three cards are dealt "face up", and two cards are placed "facedown" in front of the dealer.(In two rectangular boxes, marked with the numbers
1 and 2.)

You can choose to "Bet back"(withdraw) the first bet or "Let It Ride2(keep it).

The dealer than turns over the fourth card and you must decide whether to Let It Ride or to Bet Back the second bet.

The dealer finally turns over the fifth card and your hand will be scored.

Your winnings will be doubled the bet wagered if you allow your second bet to ride, and tripled if you allow all three bets to ride.

The payoff is determined by the quality of your hand. See payoff table above.

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