Caribbean Stud Poker Rules are in many ways quite simular to Blackjack, except that the player's in Caribean Stud Poker is given five cards instead of two.

The players at the table will pay an ante before they receive any cards.
The dealer than deals five (face down) cards to all the players.
He also deals five cards to himself, but one of his cards will be dealt face up. The other four cards will be dealt face down.

You shall always have your cards in full sight for the dealer, and you cannot pick your cards back up from the table after you have looked at them.

You have to make a bet that must be at least twice the amount of the ante, if you think your hand can beat the dealers hand.
You will lose the ante if you decide to fold your hand.

Communication between you and the other players at the table, regarding the quality of your hand is not allowed.
All bets made during the play of that particular hand will be lost if you breake this rule.

You can only play one hand per round and the ranking of hands are exactly like normal poker.

For the dealer to stay in the game he must have a minimum of an an ace/king high hand.
If not, than you will win twice the amount of the ante and your additonal bet will be returned.
When the dealer's hand is better or equal to A/K, than he will compare his hand to yours.
You will lose both the ante and the additional bet if the dealer has the highest ranked hand.
If you have the best hand than you will win double the ante paid and the additional bet according to a each casinos pay-off chart.

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Most online and live Casinos will for a;
Royal Flush, pay 100 to 1.
Straight Flush, pay 50 to 1.
Four of a kind, pay 20 to 1.
Full house, pay 7 to 1.
Flush, pay 5 to 1.
Straight, pay 4 to 1.
Three of a kind, pay 3 to 1.
Two pair, pay 2 to 1.
One Pair, pay even money, 1 to 1.
Ace/King, also pay even money, 1 to 1.