Poker chips were first used in poker rooms and casinos in the late 1800s.

In the beginning of the history of poker chips, bones, ivory, mother-of-pearl, bone and agate was first used as a substitute for real money.


There were several reasons for the casinos to use poker chips instead of real cash.

First of all it was easier for the players and the dealer to see how much money a player has invested in a particular game. A messy poker table could also often lead to confusion to which money belonged to what player.

Secondly, it became very clear to the casino management that the players gambled more when using replacement currencies than real money.

ivory poker chip picture history of the poker chip picture

Since the late 1920s, the poker chips used in most casinos have been compression molded and made from a clay ceramic composite. Originally, the clay poker chips where made out of clay only.

Custom designed colored edged spotted poker chips were introduced in the late 1940s.

The first poker chips with a custom designed logo and multicolored edge spots were created in the 1950s.

Injection molded poker chips were first made by the Bud Jones Company in the mid 1970s. These chips had clearer edge spotting's and name labellings, but were mainly produced to reduce counterfeiting.

In 1985, Chipco International, introduced the full color ProTech chip. This poker chip is build using a special ceramic compound and can display graphics on the entire chip surface, even on the outer edges.

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