This webpage provides detailed information on outstanding and famous poker players who plays or has played poker professionally in the past or in the present.

The 20th century is the golden area of poker, the greatest card game ever created by men and our mission is to do an biography on all outstanding poker players, which should keep us busy for a long time to come!

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DOYLE BRUNSON (74) recently won his tenth WSOP title and is probably the most famous poker player ever, dead or alive.

PHIL HELLMUTH , 41, is one of the all time best poker players with 9 World Series of Poker championships under his belt.

STUE UNGER is the greatest gin rummy and freeze out tournament player of all time.

Female Poker Players. Most people think of poker as "a man's game.," but there are several women who compete quite successfully.

CARLOS MORTENSEN is one of the most aggressive players on the professional circuit, and the strength of his game is to read the playing styles of his opponents.

SAM FAHRA with his unlit cigarette is one of the coolest poker players you will ever find in a casino.

DAN HARRINGTON is one of the all time money winners on the professional tour and is probably the most respected tournament player to day.

Famous poker Players in the Movies. Actors and famous poker players who have appeared on the movie screen.

JOHNNY CHAN is one of only two players (Doyle Brunson) to have won ten World Series of Poker events.

MIKE CARO , the legendary and selfproclaimed "Mad Poker Genius", is one of the world's most respected poker theoretican and strategist.

T.J CLOTHIER just won his 6th WSOP title and is doubtlessly one of the most electrifying personalities in the poker world today.

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