The clay poker chips used at the World Series of Poker and in all the most respectable casinos are made from clay ceramic composite, and weigh between 8.5 and 10 grams.

You will recognize them immediately by the distinct sound, feel and great looks.

Clay poker chips will add style and tradition to your poker game.

Poker chips come in different sizes, weights, colours and denominations.

Standard colour and denominations are; White, $1 - Red, $5 - Blue, $10 - Green, $25 - Black, $100 - Purple, $500 - Orange, $1000 and Gray, $5000.

It is a myth that �all clay� poker chips are only made out of clay.
If this was true, than there would be broken clay pieces all over the casino poker floors.

Originally, the clay poker chips where made out of clay only.

Since the late 1920s, poker chips have been compression molded and made from a clay ceramic composite.

Clay poker chips are tough and durable and will last you for a lifetime if you look after them.

They should be stored in a cool dark place.
Never leave them in direct sunlight or in extreme temperatures.

poker expert

clay poker chips are a fantastic present to anyone interested in the game of poker.

You can decide your own chip colours and artwork.

Delivery time is approximately 10 weeks, so plan ahead of time.

How many chips you need for a game varies, but the game of poker is best played when each player has at least 100 chips each.

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