Chinese poker is played by two to four players. The game starts with each player being dealt thirteen cards and each player arrange his cards into three hand groups.Two five card groups and one three card group. These groups are called the "back", "middle" and "front" hands' and will be compared against the other players hands in the same group. The hands are scored and points are totalled before the next round.

Chinese Poker is played for points, with each point worth a set amount of money. There are several ways you can group the thirteen cards dealt to you, but the back hand group must be of a higher value than the middle group, and the middle group must be of a higher value than the front group. The value of each hand is determined by standard poker rules - but the front group cannot make a flush or straight hand.

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All the players compare their hands to each other and the players receives a number of points, determined by how many hands they have won. The player with the highest middle, front or back hand gets one point. A player that wins all three hands gets four points. Winning two out of three hands gets two points.

Chinese poker is easy to learn. Anyone who knows how to play Hold'em, Stud or Draw poker can learn this game in a short time.

Practicing on a play money table, before you dish out your hard earned cash, is a smart decision.