Best poker books review

Should you ever find yourself not playing your best poker, than reading a "great poker book" will most definitely improve your game. The "best poker books" will force you to be more open and they will allow you to see different stratgeies. Knowledge is most definitely power if your goal is to be an expert at poker.

Here is a listing and a short review of my "favourite poker books".

If you could own just one poker book, than "Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players" by David Sklansky should be it. This classic is superior to all other Texas Holdem poker books ever written. It outlines the various concepts, principles and tactics used by experts at the table in each aspect of the Hold'em game. How they win and how you can do the same. Well-organized, easy to read with lots of example deals and quizzes.

The 2nd book in everyone's poker library should be "Super/System" by Doyle Brunson. A timeless classic that thoroughly covers the subject of most poker games and presents it in a clear, attractive format. Published in the late seventies , this is the all-time, best-selling, poker book. First book in modern times to deal with the entire game of poker. Look for Super/System part 2, an extention of the first.

If you are an aspiring poker champion and serious of becomming a complete poker player than the third book in your poker library should be Mike Caro�s Book of Poker Tells (The Body Language and Psychology of Poker). This book takes a detailed look at the art and science of tells and the physical mannerisms when poker players are bluffing and when they're not. Ive read a few poker books in my life time and must admit that the one book that helped my game the most has to be Caro's book of tells. First it cuts down on tells you are giving off which is huge but in addition it makes you more aware of everything that goes on at the table.

My favourite E-poker book is "Texas Holdem Secrets" by professional card player Rory Monahan. This E-book starts off with an overview of all the rules, simple tips, and �basics� about Texas Hold 'Em poker... in a simple, quick-to-understand format. Advanced strategies and techniques that anyone can learn-- regardless of current skill level-- that will give you a major advantage over your competition. How professional card player Rory Monahan makes a �surgeon's income� with Texas Hold 'Em poker... consistently and easily! And how YOU can do the same! And much more... including TONS of strategies, techniques, and special tips about beating the game!.

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The best way to learn the game of poker is to read some of the best poker books available, getting a Turbo software program to practice on and download online poker sites that has both free and real money poker games.