The game of Anaconda poker plays in many ways like Seven Card Stud.

Anaconda poker starts off with each player posting an ante.

The players at the table is than dealt 7 cards face down followed by a betting round.

All the players have the option of calling, folding or raising the pot.

When the betting round is over, each player will pass three of their seven cards (face down) to the player sitting on the immediate left.

After all the players have received their cards a new betting round starts.

Next, each player passes two cards to the player on the immediate left, followed by another betting round.

After this round, each player passes one more card to the immediate left, followed by another betting round.

Each player still remaining in the game will now make his best five card poker hand and place the cards in a stack on the table.

The players will simultaneously expose the top card of the stack for everyone to see.

This will be followed by another betting round, starting with the player with the highest ranked card or hand.

Next, the second card will be exposed, and a new betting round will start.

This continuous until all cards are exposed.

The player with the highest ranked hand wins the pot in Anaconda poker.

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