Psychology in poker is the study of you own and other players behaviour, mind and thoughts.

Successful high stake poker players understands that poker is mainly a psychological card game and that the best way to enhance their performance in poker is to improve the quality of their thinking.

Mental Concentration, in poker, consists of focusing the mind solidly upon the game and not allowing oneself to be diverted or attracted from this object.

Here are some action tips for you on psychology in poker and how to gain more mental toughness:

*Listen to and surround yourself with positive and successful poker players. Learn the trial and errors of what they went through to get where they are today.

*Watch out for negative self-talk. Avoid thoughts like: "This is awful", "I suck", "I'm the unluckiest player on the planet", "I can't stand this" and so forth.

*Analyze your play. How did you play today? What went well? What can you do better? How do you feel about your progress?

*Take responsibility for your mood. If you do get irritable, avoid picking arguments and keep your inner brat under control.

*Focus on desired results. Winning poker players focus on the rewards of success and not on their failures and mistakes.

*Be happy regardless of situations and outcomes. Attitude is the wild card in poker and can often compensate for what you are lacking in skill.

One of the biggest secrets for successful poker players is that they love poker unconditionally.

Tell yourself that any day playing this great game is a great day regardless of the results, and you will usually get the results you desire.

Psychology in Poker by Alan N. Schoonmake is an excellent book for any aspiring poker champion and is highly recommended.

"As a man is he." - David

"Whether you think you can or think you can' are right." - Henry Ford

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