Aces and Eights, referred to as "The Dead Man's Hand in poker", were four of the five cards held by James Butler (Wild Bill) Hickok when he was shot to death at 3:10 on the afternoon of August 2, 1876.

The game was played in Deadwood's Saloon No. 10 in South Dakota.

Jack McCall shot Wild Bill Hitckok in the back of the head and confessed during the trial that it was a paid assassin.

Wild Bill Hitckok was known as the greatest gunfighter who ever lived and had worked as a scout for General Custer, as a union spy in the civil war and as an actor for Buffalo Bill.

Holding two black aces and the two black eights in a poker game has been known for more than a century as the "Dead Man's Hand in poker", but nobody knows for sure the fifth card in Wild Bill Hickoks hand.

By the way, this was the first and last time he ever played poker with his back to the entrance door.

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