Check-raising in poker is checking your hand with the intention of raising the pot when the action comes back to you.

Check-raising in poker serves several purposes.

It adds chips to the pot, drives out other players and builds up your table image.

You can check-raise when you:

* Have the best hand and you are sure that another player at table will bet if you check.

* Have a drawing hand and want to to buy a "free card" on the next betting round. The other players will be expecting a new raise from you on the next betting round, so they will check, expecting you to bet, and thereby giving you a free card.

* Are getting sufficient pot odds. If you have
A-9 suited and the flop gives you two more suited cards. You now have a very good chance of making a nut flush (36%) by the river.

* Suspect weakness from the other players and you want to isolate yourself with a player that likes to play his hand, regardless of what he has.

* Want to build your table image and keep aggressive players in check and off balance by telling them that you are not a calling station and not afraid to raise.

Check-raising in poker must be a part of your poker strategy repertoire.

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