To become a profitable player at poker games, you need to understand the rules of each game you choose to play, correct starting hands to play with, proper positional play and correct table selection.

You must be disciplined regarding starting hands. Raising, calling and folding with the proper hands will minimize your losses and maximize your wins.

Poker is a game of information so correct positional play is very important. The earlier you have to enter the pot in a poker game the less information you will have on the other player's cards.

Poker players that are successful at the game of poker, mostly makes their profit from the mistakes their opponents make, and not from their own brilliant play. Choosing the correct table to play on is very important if you want to be a winner at this game.

Texas Holdem, Omaha and Seven Card Stud are the most popular poker games played today.

Other poker games that are increasing in popularity are Razz, Pineapple, Lowball and Five Card Draw poker.


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A game of luck, skill and psychology. Poker is played with a 52 card deck, by two or more players. The most popular games are; Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud and Draw poker.

Poker Card Games
Texas Holdem is the most popular poker card game played today, but games like Omaha, Stud, Draw,Razz, Pineapple and Lowball poker are increasing in popularity.Strategy for all poker card games.

Playing poker online has in many ways revolutionized the game of poker.There are thousands of games to choose from, and you can play poker online against real people from any where in the world.

The type of game and the stakes you are going to play for are the two first decisions you have to make before entering a live poker game. A minumum buy-in is required in all live casino poker games.

There are several different theories as to the origin of the history of poker, but it is most likely that the game of poker was formed from several different games.

Understanding poker rules and procedures, the values of the various combinations of cards and basic poker rules for betting limits is a must if you want to play profitable poker. Free rules for poker.

Poker Hands
Poker hands.Winning poker hands and rank of poker hands for anyone new to the game of poker.Best poker hands to play at any game.

The online poker rooms reviewed are some of the most popular, trusted ,exiting and best online poker rooms to day. All topp poker rooms online gives a minimum 20% bonus up to 100 dollars.

Psychology in poker is the study of your own and other players behaviour, mind and thoughts.. Psychology in poker consists of focusing the mind solidly upon the game and whats at task.

Tilting at poker is a momentary emotional overreaction that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury where a player tilt at poker and lose his ability to make rational decisions.

Poker tells are how player 's act during the play of a hand. How they communicates and behaves can tell you if they have a strong or a weak hand. Do you have a poker tell?

All poker players, but especially the more experienced ones, should provide an example of good poker etiquette for others to emulate.Good poker etiquette will make you a popular poker player.

Overall Poker Strategy
The secret of an overall poker strategy is to do many things well - not just a few. Maximizing your wins and minimizing your losses should be the ultimate outcome of an overall poker strategy.

This page contains poker articles on virualy every aspect of the great game of poker. New poker articles will be added every week.

The skill involved in heads up poker is to know when to push and when to hold, when to raise and when to fold. Heads up poker requires a different strategy than playing on a full table.

Winning strategies for poker tournaments.
Your primary goal for poker tournaments should be to hit the final table or to the position where you get paid. Play tight early on in tournament poker. Be patient and study the other players.

Satellite Poker Tournaments
Many players love to play in satellite poker tournaments, because they feel they can limp in with semi-good cards early on in the satellite tournamet. This is a big mistake and to your advantage.

Casino poker games
Casino poker games does not play like regular and traditional poker games.The players at the table are not playing and betting against each other but against the dealer or against a pay table.

There are several online poker rooms where you can play free poker for fun, but only a few gives you the chance of winning real money by playing free poker games. Download free poker games.

Turbo Texas Holdem
If I could, I would reach out, grab you, look you right in your eyes and declare; "Turbo Texas Holdem is the greatest tool ever invented for improving anyones poker game."Turbo poker is the ultimate.

The World Series of Poker started of as an invitational tournament in 1970. Johnny Moss won the first WSOP title by being voted the best player by his opponents.

World Poker Tour
The World Poker Tour travells all over the world and arrange big money poker tournaments for the best poker players in the World.The poker game played at the World Poker Tour is Texas Hold'em.

Famous people in the world of poker. Poker celebrity Doyle Brunson, Dan Harrington, Phil Helmuth, Stu Ungar, Johnny Chan, Chris Ferguson, Sam Fahra

In the beginning of the history of poker chips, bones, ivory, mother-of-pearl, bone and agate was first used as a substitute for real money. The history of poker chips shows players gambling more

Poker Tip
Never critize a poker player unless you have walked a mile in his shoes.If you follow this poker tip than you will be a mile away when you critize him, and you will have his shoes.

What to look for before bying a poker table. Cupholders, moneybox, felt, size, oak, cherry, birch, plywood, racetrack, octagonal, all felt or a folding poker table.

Poker League
Playing in a poker league can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. Your poker game skills will improve drastically and so will, if you follow our guidelines, your bank account.

Professional Poker. Becomming a proffesional poker player online.
Playing professional poker online is absolutely duable, but it takes a combination of talent, dedication, patience, discipline and disposition to succeed as a professional poker player.

Poker Pros Online. Who are they?
Can watching poker pros online be fun? You bet! Some of the best poker pros in the world, with tons of WSOP bracelets between them, are playing pro poker online.

Knowlng the poker odds of catching any hand combined with the odds the pot is giving you is utmost important if you want to be a winning poker player.Poker odds explained the easy way.

Prop Poker Player
A proposition or prop poker player works for and gets paid by a poker room. He plays with his own bankroll, has no advantages over the other players.

Poker Dealer
The average poker dealer works for a minimum wage + tips, with the average total salary being around $17 per hour. The best paid poker dealers in Vegas earn around $65000 a year.

Best Poker Books Review.
Should you ever find yourself not playing your best poker, than reading the best poker books will most definitely improve your game.

Poker Terminology and Glossary
The game of poker has in many ways it's own language. Poker terminology explained in a simple way. Poker glossary definitions for all poker games.

Poker Jokes
Poker Jokes.Why didn't the monkeys like to play poker in the jungle? Because there were too many cheetahs. Find more jokes about poker.

Poker Quotes. Funny and famous poker quotes
My favorite poker quotes of all time. Check out a great selection of funny and famous poker quotes from all around the worlds poker rooms.

UltimateBet is offering new players online poker bonuses of 40% up to $200. You'll get a 35% bonus on your first deposit up to $210 Free at Absolute Poker. Best online poker bonuses anywhere

Millions of people tunes in every week to watch poker on TV. The viewers can see which cards each player has been dealt through pocket cameras underneath the table. Poker on TV is fun to watch...

Poker Movies
A comprehensive list over all the most popular poker movies of all time.Great poker movies like The Cincinnati Kid (1965), Rounders (1998), Luckytown (2000), Loaded Pistols (1948) and many more.

History of playing cards
Playing cards were invented in China in the 10th century. The earliest authentic references to the history of playing-cards in Europe dates back to the mid-1300s. History of playing cards in USA

How To Play Pocket Aces
Pocket Aces will win about 80% of the time when you are heads up against one player but there is only a 31. percent chance of winning with a pair of aces against nine random hands played to the end.

Poker Quizzes designed to test your knowledge in several categories. Poker quizzes on World Series of Poker, poker movies, strategies, authors, rules, online poker and much more.

Female Poker Players. Poker Babes!
With so many rising female poker players entering and winning big money tournaments these days, Annie Duke, Jennifer Harmans and Kathy Liebert stands out as the most successful "poker babes" today.

Ultimate Bet. The Best Poker Room Online!
Ultimat Bets reputation for providing the safest site, best action, the best software and the highest levels of support is second to none. You can trust Ultimate Bet!

Poker news and 2005 happenings from all the most popular online poker rooms and poker news on the WPT and WSOP.

Poker Bankroll
Your total poker bankroll should be atleast 15 times your table bankroll in a limit Holdem game. In No-Limit games, you want to have 10 times the maximum buy-in as your total poker bankroll.

Poker Newsletter
Sign-up for our Monthly Poker Newsletter and receive recently updated information on best free-roll tournaments, where to find the easiest games to beat and how to beat them.

Poker Affiliate
There are several ways to learn how to start a poker affiliate program. Here are some tips for anyone who wants to simplify things as much as possible.

True Poker Guide
True Poker Guide covers a comprehensive list of poker rules, tips and strategies for all poker games, including tournament play.

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Do you have a poker question ?
Welcome to ask any poker question related to this great game. Answers to your poker questions will be sent trough e-mail within 24 hours.

Poker facts and information about the great game of poker. Get all the facts on poker featuring history, the world series of poker, poker leagues.Pokere facts and opinions about various strategies.

Easy to understand information on how to download poker games from the internet. You will find, when you arrive at the poker site of your choice, a poker download button. Click on it!

History of Texas Holdem poker
The history of Texas Holdem poker began in Robstown - Texas, in the early 1900s. It was first played on ranches by cattlemen and the game derives from seven card stud, rewiev. offers all the regular online poker games and no downloads are required. was established in 1999 and has become one of the world's largest online poker rooms.

Biographies on all famous poker players
Detailed information on famous and outstanding poker players who plays or has played poker professionally in the past or in the present. Biographies on all famous poker players.

Superior Poker
Superior Poker offers the world's largest selection of online poker games. Superior Poker also offers some of the biggest and most exclusive poker tournaments in online poker.

2005 World Series of Poker Results
This year's World Series of Poker is finally over and here are the 2005 World Series of Poker results from each event.

Noble Poker. $1,000,000 Sit & Go Challenge.
Noble Poker have now launched the $1,000,000 Sit & Go Challenge. The first player who wins 7 consecutive $10 Sit & Go tournaments at Noble Poker will walk away with a cool million!

Challenge your friends and enjoy the excitement of playing against them in a private poker tournament. Noble Poker will allow private poker games with no rakes.

Aruba Poker. World Poker Tournament in Aruba
The winner of this annual World Poker Tournament in Aruba takes a home a cool $1,000,000 . Win your way to Aruba through one of the many weekly $9,000 Aruba Poker Super Satellites at UltimateBet.

Million dollar poker freeroll
Following the success of ParadisePoker first million dollar poker freeroll tournament, they are now inviting everyone to the world's second and only online million dollar poker freeroll tournament.

Playing the river in texas hold em poker.
Sometimes the best move a participant can make, playing the river in texas hold em poker is to is to collapse his hand.